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Subject:My Own Private Justified
Time:08:58 am
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
I never write on this. But I have to say that if Justified would have been this...

1. Senorita
2. LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude
3. Cry Me A River
4. Rock Your Body
5. (Oh No) What You Got
6. What Goes Around.../...Comes Around Interlude
7. Like I Love You
8. Last Night
9. (And She Said) Take Me Now (f/Janet Jackson)
10. Good Foot (f/Timbaland)
11. Still On My Brain
12. Take It From Here

...it would have been an all-out masterpiece.

Now you may be asking, "Where is My Love?! Sexy Back?! FutureSex/LoveSound?! Until The End of Time?! Summer Love/Set The Mood Interlude?! You love those songs?!"

Yes, I do love those songs. But they don't fit the musical THEME of Justified. But LoveStoned/What Goes Around/Good Foot do perfectly. And there you have it.
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Current Music:"SexyBack," Justin Timberlake
Time:07:17 pm
Current Mood:enthralledenthralled

New. Justin. Timberlake. song. leaked. oh my. fucking god. someone. kill me now. so I can die. happy.

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Current Music:"Morris Brown" - Outkast
Time:05:06 pm
Current Mood:dorkyHave to pee
Guess who's back, back again.

LJ hasn't really been working for me over the past few weeks for some weird reason. But it's back up again, so suck on it.

1) There are three new Outkast songs circling around the internet right now. The Mighty O is the actual first single and has been leaked for like a month and a half - and it's aiight. Idlewild Blues is an Andre-solo track, and it's pretty good. But by far the best joint is the Big Boi-solo track Morris Brown - fire fire firrrrrre!!

2) Speaking of which, I've been downloading leaked songs so much lately. Wicka-word.

3) Jake texted me last Friday and wanted to hang out, and I was like "WTF?" So I went to the club with him and his brother and friend Britney - and was kind of sick, so I couldn't keep up with my normal club pace. I danced with this really queeny black guy because he was an awesome dancer and needed an equal, duh - but this was a huge mistake, because he stalked me from then on out. Later I fake-put his number in my phone, and he was like "You better call me, or else I'll come hunt you down" and then smiled and it was creeeeepy.

Jake was really drunk and annoying that night, and I made out with him just a little - but whatever, really. He called me on Monday night and wanted to hang out by I declined by making up that I already had plans. It's only fair that he gets tossed to the side, for once. Plus, he might be moving to Rhode Island in August, and I'll be going back to school - so I really only want to make out with him every now and then, and maybe have sexual relations.

4) Jenny, you need to move to GR. :-)

5) Some guy IMed me yesterday that I don't know, and he was like "I saw u on facebook and u seemed interesting" - and it's like, no.

6) I need to find the song "Yo Voy" by Zion y Lennox for my upcoming REGGAETON SUPERDUPERMIXXX!

7) "Your heart is like a marching band, I'm a fan in the stands, yes I am, and I'm hollering 'Hey baby, hey baby'"
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Current Music:Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
Time:09:34 pm
Current Mood:mellowmellow

2) Ugh, so after being at the DRRTY DOTTE until 3 in the morning and not getting to bed until 4, guess who called me at 6 AM telling me to come into work because stupid Clifford called in sick?! AIAJOIAJDOIJDOIJDI And I was called this morning, too! Ughity ughity.

3) Take it back, take it back (stop, stop) Ooohhh, oohhhh, ohhhh *bah dum bah dum* Ohhh, ohhh *bah dum bah dum* eeeeeeeehhhhh *bah dum bah dum* heeeeeeh eh eh heeeeeeeeaaauuuhhhh *bah dum bah dum* ... everybody look at me, me *bah dum bah dum*

4) Abbycita is here right now. :-D
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Current Music:Don't forget about late nights, playing in the dark
Time:11:10 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
1) I can't comment on other people's journals. I'm not ignoring you or being selfish, really. I just can't for some reason ... some bug.

2) I think I'll never see Jacob again. He's being a dumb hooker.

3) Don't forget about ussssssssss (don't baby don't baby don't baby don't let it go, no baby no baby no baby no) ... I've been listening to this song a lot for some reason. Except the actual version isn't as good as the radio cut they'd play on Detroit radio that started with the piano part, and then cut into the song? I guess it's a minor difference, but I loved the intro on the radio version.

4) I'm like Pinnochio, except when I lie with you my dick grow.

5) I didn't know nothing, I was stupid, I was foolish, I was LYING TO MYSEEEELLLLLLLFFFFF

6) Ok, enough lyrics.


8) KeeKee ... we belong together. :sniff:
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Current Music:Where Is My Love - Cat Power
Time:08:46 pm
Current Mood:saddevestated
R.I.P. KeeKee.
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Current Music:One Minute Man - Misssaaayy
Current Location:The Necto ... in a few hours
Time:10:40 pm
Current Mood:recumbentAll over tha place
I am updating this to say that I am going to the Necto tonight. It better be a good club, since I have never been before. Their website plays "S.O.S." so it's probably to my liking.

Then starting tomorrow I start working the next seven days in a row. My mom tried to give me a hug out of like 'congrats' (since they were bitching at me to pick up more hours at work), and I was like, "No, don't try ot hug me, because I'm not happy about it." The money will be awesome, but fuck work, for reelz!

I should be sleeping right now so I can do fine with being on no sleep tomorrow morning at work. Fuck the police, and such.

I've been watching a movie every night at like 2 a.m. for the past week. So many movies in here! Seeing Edward II makes me: a) want to read the Christopher Marlowe play, b) makes me want to be even more angry-gay and c) makes me want to punch Margaret Thatcher's grave. Word.

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Current Music:S.O.S. - Rihanna
Current Location:Hippity-home
Time:06:21 am
Current Mood:thoughtfulNuma Numa yay
1) LMAO I put so much random music on my mom's comp. Numa numa yay!

2) You've got the face,
so let's debase
our strict upbringing,
and stay up singing
the songs of love

3) They won't let me in the army,
but that doesn't really bother me
'cause when you're off makin' those guns moan,
I'm here fighting the war at home


So when you gunning down Arabs with that semi-automatic,
my own father yells he'd rather have a herion addict
than a gay son

(I've been writing a lot of songs lately - but of course pop/RnB lyrics only mean so much without the music that's in my head to accompany them)

4) I need to devise a summer viewing list. Last summer I did see quite a few things, but I still missed a lot that I need to catch up on.

5) Someone find a (hot) European exchange student and give him my damn number. (LMAO - speaking of which - Jenny, remember that Bel Ami book I broke open at Borders that one night over XMas break? Note 2 all: do not Google "Bel Ami" around children under 18/parental units. But, do Google it.)

6) Speaking of Jenny, I couldn't post this in my comments earlier due to random technical errors: but yes, the Dotte. We'll like go to a bar or something. Or, better yet, I'll terrorize your dad and boyfriend.

7) Ugh, I don't want to go into work tomorrow to try to get my job back. I mean, it shouldn't be a big deal, but I just don't won't to go in there and make an "appearance."

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Time:12:23 am
Current Mood:boredbored
1) I'm at home (A2). So if you're at home, you better comment on this entry and, like, tell me that you're in the area. OR when you'll be in the area.

2) LMAO I got an A (well, A-), on that damn final paper. Way to continue the last-minute-A-streak, Juantio old boy.

3) I saw these Rodolfo Zengarini shoes in a magazine, but I can't find them anywhere online.

4) God is it boring here @ home. Liven my life up, people!

5) Juanito.

6) Ummmm ... bleh.
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Current Location:Driving that NASTY CAR!!!!!!
Time:01:41 pm
Current Mood:bitchyNASTY!
Yes, updates.

Because singles are the most fun part about music appreciation - here is my list of the best singles of the year, thus far (not necessarily in any order):

-Prince, "Black Sweat"
-Daddy Yankee, "Rompe"
-Sean Paul, "Temperature"
-Nelly Furtado, "Maneater" (leaked!)
-Rihanna, "S.O.S."
-Bubba Sparxxx, "Ms. New Booty"
-Busta Rhymes, "Touch It"
-Kelly Clarkson, "Walk Away"
-Missy Elliot, "We Run This"
-Kanye West, "Touch The Sky"

Rented Rosetta again - God I love that movie. Writing up a thing on the Dardennes that I won't be able to finish until I get my L'Enfant import DVD - but I may ship it off to Film Comment mag, word.

Tom and I burnt cookies into ash yesterday on our deck to help fertilize our dying plant. Somehow I don't think cookie ash (and a piece of ham!) is going to help it, but here goes.



I seriously was cracking the fuck UP watching this in the computer lab.
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